31Cf 4 Slide Door Horizontal Bottle Cooler

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The Largest Size Horizontal Bottle Cooler Available, With Forced-Air Refrigeration System.

Sliding Lids For Easy-Access.

Strong Cabinet Made Of Galvanized Pre-Painted Steel With Baked Polyester Paint.

Easy-Access Drainage Recipient.

Forced-Air Evaporator For Quick Temperature Pull-Down.

Forced-Air Condenser.

Heavy Duty Condensing Unit For R-134a, With Easy-Access For Service.

Polyurethane Insulation With Cyclopenthane As Blowing Agent Which Does Not Harm The Ozone Layer And Does Not Affect Global Warming.


1 year on all parts and labor. 5 years on compressor

Price Cash: 

NAf. 4.885,00

Energy Efficiency: 

Energy Star (US)



Technical Specifications: 

Height: 85 Cm Width: 243 Cm Depth: 69 Cm 780 (12 Oz) Bottles 1,076 (12 Oz) Cans

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