55 Cup Perculator

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Designed For Offices, Churches, Breakrooms, Lounges And Cafes.

Cup-Per-Minute Brewing With Automatic Temperature Control To
Keep Coffee Hot For Hours.

Serving Light Indicates End Of Brewing Cycle.

Brewing Instructions Printed On Faceplate For Easy Reference.

Interior Water Level Markings For Easy Filling.

Highly Polished Aluminum Construction With Heat-Resistant Base
And Trim.

Two-Way Dripless Faucet.

Serving Area Under Faucet Accommodates A Cup With Saucer.

Cleaning Tool Included.

Twist-To-Secure Cover.

Aluminum Basket, Coffee Level Gauge And On/Off Switch.


3 months on all parts and labor

Price Cash: 

NAf. 425,00



Technical Specifications: 

1500 Watt