30" Cooktop Black Stainless Steel

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Gas On Glass Cooktop - Features A Flat One-Piece Ceramic Glass Surface That Is Sleek And Easy-To-Clean

Sealed Cooktop Burners - Eliminates The Space Between The Burners And The Cooktop To Help Contain Spills And Boil Over Liquids, Ensuring Easy Cleanup

Power Boil Burner - Precise Simmer Burner - Delivers A Low Settng Of 140 Degrees, Ideal For Delicate Foods And Sauces

Continuous Grates - Provide A Flat, Sturdy Surface Allowing Easy Movement Of Pans Between Burners

Dishwasher-Safe Grates And Knobs - Feature Durable Construction For Worryfree, Effortless Cleaning And Maintenance

Control Lock Capability - Shuts Off Gas To Prevent Unintended Activation. Only GE Has It!

Electronic Pilotless Ignition - Provides Reliable Burner Ignition Operation, Eliminating The Need For A Standing Pilot

Heavy-Duty Knobs - Add Durability And Brushed Chrome For Enhanced Style And Performance


1 year on all parts and labor

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NAf. 1.975,00

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