9Kg. Absolute Care A++ Dryer 220V

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The ProTex Plus dryer allows you to dry even the most delicate wash with unique AbsoluteCareTM system and the Blue Woolmark certification.

The unique AbsoluteCareTM system in the dryer adjusts the spin speed or direction and the temperature in order to use the drying process to suit different types of clothing. This allows you to even drying very delicate items.

Do you want your clothes look as new for longer? The Sensidry® heat pump technology ensures this by drying at a safer lower temperature.

Intelligent humidity sensors OptiSense system provide the lowest power consumption, regardless of the load.

The ÖKOFlow system in this dryer is equipped with a highly efficient filtration system. With only one filter cleaned need to make it easy to keep up the airflow and power consumption low.

This dryer can dry your clothes almost completely silent. The Silent System Plus ensures minimal noise - an incredibly low 62 dB with Extra Silent cycle.


1 year on all parts and labor

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NAf. 1.850,00

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