Protection Plan

1. Protection

Against payment of a one-time premium, the holder of the certificate is insured against the risk of cost of repairs for a period of five years. The protection is exclusively related to the appliance concerned.

2. Extent of the coverage

The Protection Plan covers the cost of repairs of defective appliances upon which the insurer is entitled to, according to the conditions mentioned hereafter.
  • 100% coverage of labor and parts
  • free transport and installation
  • coverage of manufacturing defects which are the consequence of normal use.
  • loan on refrigerators when repair is not possible within 3 days.
  • replacement of the appliance as per our replacement policy

3. Conditions

Repairs are only done by the service department of Wimco B.V. or its authorized representatives.

4. Protection period

Five years from date of purchase of the appliance.

5. Special condition

  • Not handling according to the manufacturer's manual and/or our instructions.
  • improper use of the appliance.
  • damage and/or defects caused by the user.
  • Commercial use of a domestic appliance
  • repairs or attempts by others than our service department personnel or by others than WIMCO's authorized technicians.
  • failures caused by inadequate installation by third parties.
The following are excluded from the protection plan:
  • breakage of glass, lamps and accessories.
  • loss or damage caused to the appliance by an occurrence which is normally covered by a household insurance.
  • scratches and dents.
For repair of build-in appliances, which must be removed and re-installed, Wimco cannot be held responsible for damages due to the original installation by third parties.
The Protection Plan is void in case the customer becomes in arrears with his/her payment schedule.

6. Replacement policy

In case Wimco B.V. declares your appliance irreparable you have the choice to receive a replacement appliance of similar features and age or accept a special credit towards the purchase of a new appliance.

7. Repair requests

At time of requesting repair the customer is required to present the WIMCO Protection Plan Certificate. In case of telephone call-in the customer is required to inform the WIMCO Protection Plan Certificate number.

8. Replaced parts

Replaced parts, under this Protection Plan, becomes Wimco's property.

9. Obligations of the customer

To maintain the validity of your plan you promise:
  • complete cooperation during the diagnosis and repair of the appliance with the Wimco technicians,
  • accessibility to the appliance,
  • a safe non-threatening work situation at your premises.

10. Premises Visit

Visits to your premises for non-defective appliances will be charged at regular rates.