19cf Refrigerator French Style Grey-Stainless Steel

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The Beko GNE-60530X Has Energy Efficiency Class A ++.

An A ++ Device Consumes 30% Less Energy Than An Identical Device With Energy Class A. Thanks To The Fan In The Cooling Section, The Cold Air Is Evenly Distributed In The Refrigerator. This Results In Better Cooling Performance.

The Fridge Is Provided With LED Lighting. Compared To Conventional Lighting, The LED Lighting On The Rear Of The Refrigerator Provides A More Efficient And Beautiful Lighting Of The Compartment. Thanks To Beko Active Fresh Blue Light Technology, Photosynthesis Goes Further In The Refrigerator, Which Increases The Storage Time Of Fresh Fruit And Vegetables While Retaining Natural Flavors.

The Active Ionizer Neutralizes Bacteria, Viruses And Other Micro-Organisms In The Refrigerator To Create An Antibacterial Effect. The Active Scent Filter Filters The Circulating Air In The Refrigerator And Eliminates The Unwanted Odors And Bacteria, Thus Keeping The Food Fresher.

The Eco-Fuzzy Function Switches The Refrigerator Over Time To An Energy-Saving Mode Which Reduces Electricity Consumption And Thus Has A Beneficial Effect On The Environment.

With The Help Of A Special Anti-Bacterial Coating On The Door Handles, The Main Point Of Contact Is The Bacteria Free.


1 year on all parts and labor. 5 years on compressor

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NAf. 4.250,00