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The Clean Air Optima Dehumidifier Has A Built-In Ionizer For The Production Of Negative Ions Which Clean And Refresh The Indoor Air. The Positive Properties Of The Ionizer Also Include Enriching The Air With Active Oxygen. Negative Ions Hang From Dust Particles, Microorganisms And Other Undesirable Substances In The Air And Connect Them Together.

The Particles Become Heavier Than The Air In This Way And Fall Down Or Are Filtered Out Of The Air By The Air Cleaner.
If The Air In Your Indoor Areas Is Too Humid, The Quality Of Life Can Be Negatively Affected By Fungal Spores, Allergens And Airway Problems.

The Optimum Humidity In Closed Rooms Recommended By Medical Specialists Is In The Range Of 40 To 60% Relative Humidity.

Suitable For Rooms Up To 20m² / 50m³ Such As The Bathroom, Laundry And Storage Rooms.

The Unique Design Of The CA-703 Combines Effective Dehumidification With Powerful Air Cleaning, Elegant Design, High Functionality And Durability As Key Features.


3 months on all parts and labor

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NAf. 375,00

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NAf. 339,00